How To Build a Client Base in Family Medicine

Family medicine marketing is effective when you utilize multiple methods to acquire new patients. Now that you’ve opened your doors for business, hired your staff, and have all the necessary systems in place, it’s time to grow your patient list.


Family medicine practitioners
Ask other physicians for referrals when opening your family medicine practice.

The primary step in obtaining references from various other physicians is alerting those medical professionals to your availability to accept patients. If you’ve obtained authorization for hospital opportunities, start to attend conferences and get to know other doctors. Make an effort to meet regional doctors and also various other professionals such as social workers, dental professionals, registered nurses, daycare owners, chiropractic specialists, and pharmacologists.


In the beginning, running advertisements in local newspapers and on the radio could be extremely effective. In addition, using a mailing service to distribute direct mailing pieces might prove a little costly, but could work to bring in a handful of clients to get your list of clients started because this will likely cater to a targeted audience, making it feasible to send out the statements to those people most likely seeking a family practitioner.

Another option to consider is using postcards, as some medical professionals tend to swear by them. The postcards announcing the family medicine practice’s opening can easily be sent out to both doctors and potential clients.

Sending out a postcard generally costs less than it does to send a letter. You never know–the healthcare facility marketing division may have a solution in position for introducing brand-new physicians in the area–it never hurts to ask these questions when you’re seeking the appropriate vendor to use for your direct mail advertisements.

Advertisements aren’t the only methods to obtain family medicine prospects. Using local newspapers can also work. Health and wellness information, short articles, notices of special costs for certain services, and regularly asked concern columns in papers are excellent ways to advertise.

Get noticed in your community! Produce pamphlets advertising the practice and provide them to the local Chamber of Commerce. Just be sure that the brochure talks about general details, such as location and available services. Including your credentials are a must.

Using Your Website

In general, websites aren’t considered a productive marketing method in healthcare, but they should be because they provide information that prospects can review at their leisure. Having an online presence is a necessity, and it should help the prospect make an informed decision upon them exiting the site. It should be an effective tool that gives the prospect eye-opening information.

Generally, the first course of action that most people take is to go check out a doctor’s website to get a general idea of his/her offerings and how they would benefit from considering them as a potential primary physician.

The website should reflect the tone and cater to the target market of the practice. Staff should also be included on the website, as it is a lot easier to update a web page than it is to transform brochures and also print info.

Offering an E-newsletter

A family practice newsletter can also be a great way to develop as well as preserve the patient base. With its simplicity as well as affordability, email marketing is probably the most budget-friendly method of family medicine advertising and marketing. Some family medicine newsletters are readily available in both print as well as electronic versions. There are multiple email automation tools on the market that makes this process virtually painless.

When thinking about a family medicine newsletter, it is essential to choose how often the e-newsletter will be published. Ideally, the minimum frequency is four times a year. Regular monthly e-newsletters need even more commitment as well as time. While print is a method to consider, it’s cheaper to use an electronic method, as the only cost you possibly have is for using the tool itself.

Creating a series of health and wellness information emails is quite possibly the most effective email marketing strategy. Consider putting a signup box on your website, giving site visitors the option of subscribing. By using an autoresponder, the emails can be delivered over a dedicated period of time. Remember, the more people hear from you, the more you will stay at the top of their minds when they’re ready to select a physician. Even if they do not need medical care at the current moment, a friend, neighbor, or relative may ask for a suggestion for a doctor.

SMS, Perhaps?

Another option that is coming to healthcare is the use of mass notifications, as growth is expected to this medium by 2024. While primarily to be used to deliver time-sensitive information in an emergency situation, this can easily be converted to a method to engage with patients regularly. This could be huge for your business!

Getting clients to a brand-new family practice is all about getting the word out. Attend clinical meetings, business meetings, and also area gatherings. Make pharmacologists, social employees, and others aware that the practice is open as well as taking new patients! Get in touch with surgeons and others who tend to do referrals. Market online and in your community. And, when you do begin to get those prospects in your office, be sure to let them know that you value them and are extremely excited to help them with their health concerns. Another option is to engage in some branding initiatives. Some offer nice welcome tools that you can use such as branded water bottles, pens, and hand sanitizer–just to name a few. Engaging an agency that specializes in it will help tremendously. So, get out there and get to marketing!

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