Pay It 4ward: Dion’s gives back to 100 healthcare workers

However, a day before their grand opening, the Dion’s crew in Roswell teamed up with KOB 4 to help pay it forward to 100 healthcare workers at Kymera Independent Physicians Wednesday.

“The healthcare workers are putting their lives on the frontlines taking care of people, learning how to deal with this pandemic; so it’s good for us to make sure they know they’re supported. We appreciate them and the work they do every day,” Herman said.

The staff at Kymera couldn’t be happier. They had no clue what they were in for Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re honored to be chosen for this,” said Dr. Masoud Khorsand with Kymera Independent Physicians. “We’ve been trying very hard over the last three months to provide a minimum safety to our patients and provide them with good care during COVID-19.”

“The first 60 days was very stressful, since we’re not quite sure how it was going to pan out,” said Dr. Khorsand. “Fortunately it looks like everything we did was effective in reducing transmission in the community and preventing it to be transferred to our employees. Although COVID-19 appears to be very controlled in Chaves County, we’re worried that the recent data indicates that the incidents is increasing, and for that reason we can’t put our guards down. We have to continue to be quite alert about risks after transmission and the effect on health care of our patients and staff.”

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