The Yasha Sterling Management Agency (YSM) is a full-service management agency with offices in Chicagoland and in the south suburb town of Oak Lawn that caters to both small and medium-sized businesses providing scalable solutions that incite excitement and generate sales. Aligned with your business goals, we use our "6D" approach to effectively help our clients realize their visions, from integrating acquisitions and launching new products to developing new marketing initiatives and helping start-ups accelerate their growth. Over the last 19 years, what we've learned is that change is hard for our clients when trying to run and transform their business at the same time. They benefit from the practical approach to change and the focus on outcomes that YSM delivers.

How are you different?

Because we recognize the stress of running a business, it is our goal to bring a sense of calm to your dilemma and intend to assure you that "we've got it handled." We roll out the red carpet for our prospects and clients, so even if you don't choose us, you will still feel that you've received the ultimate 5-star treatment.

So, how do you do it?

We use our researched approach that we call the "10D³" process. Initially used only in our technology business, we found out that this approach works well in all of our offerings, so we adopted it throughout all of them! This allows us to thoroughly give your project the attention it needs rather than rushing through the process. Research shows that projects that are taken through a process succeed in the shorter and longer term. We believe in our approach and encourage our clients to the same.


Researching your target market

In this phase, we research your targeted market and develop a thorough SWOT Analysis that gives you a wholistic view of your business. This allows you to determine how you will approach your marketing strategies and tactics.


Coming up with a plan

At this stage, we discuss your options and determine which ones are long-term and which ones are the quick wins. We analyze each and give it our MOP score, which allows us to prioritize tasks within the project.


Determining how the plan will look

Using the discussed plan that, we layout how we design of said plan and how it will look. Is a website? We devise a wireframe. A business card? We develop templates. A guide/booklet? We layout the pages.


Werk, werk, werk!

This is where we actually put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. We actually build out the task at hand and generate your ideal vision.


You've seen it, now it's time for the world to see it too!

We deploy your product and work with you to announce its debut into the world, be it via social media, email, or the web!


What went wrong? What can we do better?

At this stage, we talk about the project and how many successes we had, but also talk about the failures. We finetune things that need more work, and we monitor it closely and gather feedback from the market that it was distributed to. We use that feedback to make your product run like a well-oiled machine!


Compiling all the discussions, takeaways, notes

All those notes we jotted down? All the knowledge we shared? This is where we put it in a nice repository for you so you can refer to it later.


In this step, we lay out the entire digital marketing strategy to promote your website: Social Media, SEO, PPC, Remarketing, Affiliate, Content Marketing, and Email.


Surely, there are more ways for you to earn revenue on your website. In this step, we recommend and help you implement those methods on your site.


We never leave you hanging. We develop a maintenance plan that will help your business continually grow.

About our CEO & Founder

Yasha Sterling, CEO and Founder Yasha Sterling, MACS, MBA, BA

Yasha is an award-winning, 19-year marketing veteran with solid expertise in marketing strategy and execution, branding, front-end and back-end web development. She specifically focuses on introducing solutions that generate leads and profit. Her most notable achievements include centralizing digital marketing processes for 2 billion-dollar professional services firms, aiding in the growth of their local and global digital footprints. She also saved the marketing department at a manufacturing company $25,000 in expenses by hosting and developing web applications internally. Yasha has led the design and development of 9 small business websites, increasing web traffic on each site by 20%. Where many see technology as a challenge, Yasha views each dilemma she's presented with as an opportunity to ultimately help companies generate revenue. For the last 19 years, she has worked on and helped with the implementation of at least 10 content management systems and built a reputation for being able to recognize challenges in digital marketing and is skilled in discovering innovative ways utilizing technology to solve them. Throughout her career, she has worked in all areas of digital marketing --both business and technical -- helping to establish strategies and processes. Recently, she received a Values in Action award for her work on Anthem's Reimagine website. In 2015, she won two of Panduit's coveted Bravo! awards for Technical Expertise and Quality for her work on the company's Knowledge Center microsite and its Quick Build Harness Board System landing page, respectively. Moreover, she has led the design and development of 10 small business websites, increasing each of their client bases by at least 20%. Her unwavering passion for innovative technology has led to multiple consulting opportunities. Yasha holds a Bachelor's Degree in English from Jackson State University and a M.B.A. in Marketing and E-Commerce from Saint Xavier University. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Applied Computer Science degree at Saint Xavier University.

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